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Shaping a world where opportunities are distributed fairly - across individuals, communities and geographies. A world where the fruits of real economic progress can be felt through every section of our society.
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Challenge: Vigilance Group required an international brand strategy to position its business as an independent provider of fraud mitigation services. The project objective was a brand strategy to: capture international market opportunities; emphasize strategic advantages that delivers growth through transparent and fraud free optimization. The main challenge was to transform from the space of a vigilance authority to a more softer role of a procurement fraud mitigation partner.

Approach: The brand idea was born from an extensive research and strategy phase with the aim of finding ownable co-working space that truly represented the value proposition of aspiring start-ups and professionals in a cluttered and often mistrusted industry.

Solution: We created a lifestyle brand that captured the excitement and allure of the working in a higher frequency. We tapped into the definitive luxury and prestige of Cyberthum, Bhutani’s flagship high-rise in Noida, to deliver an elevated brand identity and lease-up campaign.