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5th Consulting creates compelling promotional offers and manages the promotional risk for customers by using years of experience in market trends and data analytics. They help businesses to offer a supersized prize and write the cheque when there is a winner, eliminating the risk of payout for the business.
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The brand needed a unique communication approach that wasn’t just another traditional, bland and boring insurance project. The campaign needed to target people that had no interest in insurance, and had to be tricked into learning about it! We needed to create a hook that wouldn’t let go.

Approach: The brand idea was born from an extensive research and strategy phase with the aim of finding ownable co-working space that truly represented the value proposition of aspiring start-ups and professionals in a cluttered and often mistrusted industry.

Solution: We created a lifestyle brand that captured the excitement and allure of the working in a higher frequency. We tapped into the definitive luxury and prestige of Cyberthum, Bhutani’s flagship high-rise in Noida, to deliver an elevated brand identity and lease-up campaign.