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A brand architecture is the systematic arrangement of all brands of a company to determine the positioning and the relationship between them.

Brand architecture provides structural clarity and helps both employees and clients better understand the most important components of your brand and how they interrelate. It has both internal and external implications. From the outside, it can help people make sense of a multidimensional organization and differentiate a firm’s key services. Internally, brand architecture has value as a business strategy tool. Most companies think about brand architecture in terms of two models: “branded house” and “house of brands.” Many leading brands today include a mix of “branded house” and “house of brands” approaches.

To avoid messy communication, complex website structures, cognitive dissonance and ultimately confusion among the target audience, we support brands in developing a logical, systematic and value-added system of brand architecture. As part of our brand process, we strategically question brand strategy, clean up or restructure – then translate brand attributes into captivating brand presences.

Below are few brands we have helped by identifying and articulating their Brand Architecture:

Elements by MEYCI

Elements by MEYCI is a Concept Store carrying trend-setting brands and works with exclusive designers...

shopping mall branding case study

The creation of a A family focused destination mall brand in at Mikoecheni, Dar es...


Learn how we transformed a regional business in the adhesive sector to communicate to a...

Bristles & Mane

Learn how we clarified the vision and Introduced the concept of a service universe designed around...


Repositioning Baykron as the go to brand for tech-accessories and appeal to a more premium,...

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