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Leave the past behind. Focus on what is now. Analyze every nuance. Leave no stone unturned. Diffuse the unexpected. Chart your own path. Prepare for the moment. Believe in your conviction. Control the uncontrollable. Embrace your journey. Achieve Greatness. Evolve your swank!
Design, Experience, Strategy
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Challenge: A male grooming business goes beyond a good haircut and a sharp shave. Beyond mere expertise also lies the experience. How do you make a distinct mark in a highly competitive space by going beyond mere professional talent?

Approach:¬†We clarified our vision –¬†Introduce the concept of a service universe designed around the lifestyles of a diverse, discerning & sophisticated personalities. Bring together truly exceptional talents and product houses that inspire excellence to showcase solutions and raise the benchmark of signature male-grooming service. With this quest for excellence and a cultivated difference in service ethos, aim to be the go-to male grooming brand destination in the markets we operate. Provide a couture grooming experience to every single customer – unique as they are.

Solution: Everybody is a star, In some, the star is just too obvious and in some it hides behind the need for an opportune moment. In most, it just awaits the touch of an artist with the ability to
look deep within and reveal to the world the sheer brilliance of what hides within – or the swank within. The brand was built around this sentiment: Evolve Your Swank – one visit at a time. Get Set to Conquer the world!