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Viverra Executive Aviation

Agility, privacy and closeness to customers defines Viverra's fundamental values as a business and are the drivers of the company’s brand positioning.
Advertising Campaigns, Art direction, Brand Visual Identity, Logo Development

Challenge: Despite being one of the finest private jet services being introduced targeting a niche clientele, Viverra was lacking a compelling and unifying way of articulating its distinct experience. We took on the challenge of defining what Viverra stands for and why more people should use its service.

Approach: Unlike many travel anecdotes, attempting to articulate a luxury private jet service can be done only within the context of the quality of service itself. The experiences are not seperable—they are born of a unique combination of service, amenities and people. In other words, a signature that is without comparison. A signature that has to be owned.

Solution: Through a compelling visual language Viverra owns this signature and is ready to reignite people’s passion for flying, engage a new generation of jet-setters and get the horizon glowing once again.