Captive Retail


Goodness sourced from the very best of the local & international farms. Flavor Packed Deliciousness, Quality Ingredients, Insanely Short Preparation Times. Go On, We Know You Can't Resist Pressing the Button!
Artwork & Production, Off-Pack Communication, Structural Packaging, Touchpoint Design, Website Design, Website Development

Challenge: Consumers generally would not buy the product a second time if the dish didn’t taste as good as it looked on the packaging. 

Approach: We identified that our packaging needs to focus on communicating the functional benefits of the products and introduce them to a world of cooking beyond the basic recipe on the packaging communication.

Solution: The brand’s organic roots formed a key part of our value proposition and product messaging – underpinned by the move to simple foods with clean ingredients and minimal processing. The customers were immersed in a world of recipes both through the print and digital media.