Captive Retail


Storm is not always a bad thing. Its an indication of good times for an arid land. A promise of sunshine after the clearing of the clouds. And sheer excitement for those who thrive on thrill.
Design, Experience, Strategy
Advertising Campaigns, Art direction, Brand Identity, Brand Visual Identity, Brand Workshop, Logo Development, Packaging Design, Print Collateral

Challenge: Brands like Onkod come to Marrow because consumers don’t understand—or know they need—a particular product. In this case, a locally sourced water brand, named by the client – Onkod, meaning, storm. To stand out against the flood of trend-chasing competitors, this new entrant needed a look to capture the attention of consumers frequenting the aisle—and those visiting it for the first time.

Approach: Our conversation began with a simple assertion: the brand should do more to engage consumers at the point of purchase. It should communicate a unique personality. To win at retail, the packaging would have to seduce shoppers away from larger established category leaders – mostly with an international presence.

Solution: We combined appeal and approachability with clever graphical narratives about Onkod. Our design inspiration came from the local source of the water and our interpretation of the brand name stands for the aftermath of a storm, the reviving of nature, thanks to the storm. The droplet of water itself is the star within which this revival is captured. The purpose of the label was to educate and entice consumers into making a purchase.