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Gostos was born from a team of snack lovers and flavour seekers who aim to infuse the local taste palette into a highly competitive snacking sector. Every bite is a personal moment of joy — a celebration of surprises, moments with family, laughter with friends, and smiles with loved ones.
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In a highly competitive market for corn snacks, a new brand needs to be introduced to attract adults – though children form a huge segment of the target audience. The business is also keen to inject a little local spirit into the brand flavors.

The key is to ensure our packaging designs clearly articluate the unrivalled taste experience and the individual, bold flavour combinations in the product and attract snack lovers across all ages.

The key to naming the brand Gostos (denoting taste and like in Portuguese) was to ensure that it strongly resonated with the palettes of the Portuguese speaking market and attract real snackers.


The product’s main proposition was to deliver to a locally appealing taste palate. We took these influences and crafted a name and design centered around the expressions of taste and love.

We developed a strong brand architecture that allowed us to included multiple claims without cluttering the packaging.

Drawing inspiration from the flavours, we created a modern “happiness-of-the-heart” themed packaging with a very vibrant colour palette to appeal to a broader demographic.

Loud colours and totally in-your-face graphics is paired with fun-filled typefaces. The illustrations add to the effortlessly playful persona.


The name Gostos is arrived upon to announce the brand’s strong flavour credentials and not to be seen as a low taste substitute. Using typography, colors and imagery that is influenced by the fun-side of life, we created the branding and packaging of this start-up corn-snack brand.

The loud colour tones played back the strong flavours of the brand whilst delivering a sense of playful energy. To push it the extra mile we introduced the ‘Gostos’ corn-mascot to resonate with the younger audience segment and made it part of the standard branding device so that it can work across the entire brand family.